The Adventure Travel Film Festival in Bright, Victoria

Bright has to be one of the prettiest towns in Victoria. Situated at the foot of the Victorian Alps, within easy reach of Mt Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Mt Beauty and Falls Creek, it is an ideal destination at any time of year for visitors of all ages.

Leafy and green in summer, the township is painted the yellow of poplars and red of pinoaks when autumn comes around.

Main street in Bright

The main street of Bright in north-eastern Victoria

Bright is on the banks of the Ovens River and is well-served with accommodation options to suit all. It is a great destination for relaxation, active pursuits of walking, cycling and skiing and for the adventurous traveller.

In February, the town is taken over by the Adventure Travel Film Festival, which has been held here annually for the last 4 years. Rupert Shaw is the film festival’s organiser. ‘The idea is to encourage people to get out there .. and walking away super motivated to go and do your next adventure tomorrow’ says Rupert.

Adventure Travel Film Festival banner

Adventure Travel Film Festival banner at Bright, Victoria

The program included films of travel adventures and speaking presentations by authors and photographers. Adventurers walked, rode motor bikes and quad bikes; journeyed through Australia, or halfway across the world on very old or very small motor bikes. or photographed in the most remote and difficult to get to places.

Of the presentations we saw, John and I most enjoyed –

‘The Ride’ – a film about 4 paraplegics journeying on quad bikes from Perth, to Alice Springs and Birdsville, revisiting the sites of their accidents along the way,

‘C90 Adventures – Malaysia to UK’ documented the adventure of a young man riding home to England on his C90 Honda. It was an entertaining tale amusingly told.

Photographer Amar Dev Singh’s presentation described 3 extreme expeditions into remote and mostly inaccessible country of the Himalayas, the volcanoes of Khamchatka and the rainforests of Madagascar. It was an excellent presentation and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to follow in his footsteps or be grateful that I didn’t have to.

Another favourite was ‘Dream Racer’, featuring Christophe Barriere-Varju, an enthralling adventure as he attempted to compete in the Dakar Rally in South America.

In Bright we stayed at Pine Valley Caravan Park, with all facilities and a very pleasant spot to camp. There are many other excellent accommodation choices also in the area.

All up it was a top weekend and a great excuse to visit Bright at this time of year.

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