Outback South Australia – an eagle eye view

Outback Odyssey: an eagle eye view of a trip through outback South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Click here for more information on outback travel in Australia – http://mortonsvideo.com/fourbyfour

Australia is a large and diverse continent as you can see in this video montage from the eagle’s view point. The desert has its own beauty, especially after rain, as shown here in the Great Victoria Desert, the Gibson Desert and the Simpson Desert.

Lake Gairdner is one of the largest salt lakes in Australia. As its surface is very firm it is used annually for Speed Week and race events by the Dry Lake Racers Association.

The large sand dunes lining the coast at Fowlers Bay are the perfect spot for some careful 4 wheel driving fun.

Maralinga is situated in remote country and was a site of atomic bomb testing in the 1950s. Anne Beadell Highway and Sandy Blight Junction Track were constructed by Len Beadell and the Gunbarrel Road Construction Company to support the rocket testing at Woomera.

Maralinga and the tracks of Len Beadell are featured in our video Desert Highways. For more information about this video and others on outback Australia head on over to http://mortonsvideo.com/fourbyfour/product/desert-highways-roads-len-beadell/

Also you might be interested in another video from an eagle eye perspective on Canning Stock Route at https://youtu.be/23cXbs6yxaM

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  1. Vic Widman August 1, 2016 at 7:12 pm #

    WOW! that is beautiful, some stunning filming there, well done John and Anne

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