High Country Victoria – more 4WD adventure

Haunted Stream Track is located deep in the valley of the Haunted Stream, situated approximately midway between Bruthen and Swifts Creek in High Country Victoria. There is a rich gold mining history in this area of Swifts Creek and Omeo. The Haunted Stream Track closely follows the stream and crosses it about 53 times. This […]

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High Country Adventure for 4wd travellers

Billy Goat Bluff and some more tough tracks We had camped at Horseyard Flat on the Moroka Road with a group of keen 4 wheel drivers under the leadership of Vic Widman of Great Divide Tours. It had rained overnight, but although still overcast, there was no more rain that day.  The group turned left […]

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The Canning Stock Route – 10 Things You Should Know

The Canning Stock Route is one of the favourite adventures of the 4 wheel drive traveller. Just as iconic as Cape York, the Canning is on everyone’s bucket list. But the Canning Stock Route is a completely different adventure to Cape York and travellers need to plan there great desert adventure very carefully before they […]

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Heritage Blinman Mine Underground Experience

The Blinman Underground Experience is an innovative tour through the historic Blinman copper mine. Aided by the addition of an informative sound and light display, the tour takes the visitor back through time showing the daily lives of the miners and their families. The tour explores the tunnels, the main shaft, the stopes and the […]

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Outback South Australia – an eagle eye view

Outback Odyssey: an eagle eye view of a trip through outback South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Click here for more information on outback travel in Australia – http://mortonsvideo.com/fourbyfour Australia is a large and diverse continent as you can see in this video montage from the eagle’s view point. The desert has its […]

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The Canning Stock Route is a journey through time

The Canning Stock Route is one of the best 4×4 adventures in Australia. The track is very isolated, 1700 kilometres through the deserts of Western Australia. Travellers need to be self sufficient, as there are only 2 small communities and one fuel dump to buy fuel or to top up any necessary food supplies. But […]

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Wolfe Creek Crater

Last stop before the Canning Stock Route Wolfe Creek meteorite crater was formed about 300,000 years ago when a meteorite crashed to earth. Travelling at 15 km/sec, and weighing more than 50,000 tonnes, the collision pulverised the underlying rocks while the resulting explosion of energy vaporised most of the meteorite. The remaining fragments were thrown […]

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The Adventure Travel Film Festival, the celebration of the world’s greatest adventure travellers

The Adventure Travel Film Festival, the celebration of the world’s greatest adventure travellers, was held once again in Bright, Victoria, in February. It was the fifth of these annual events. The Festival aims to inspire and motivate all travellers, experienced and not so experienced, to live the dream and take on their own adventures. This […]

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The Adventure Travel Film Festival returns in 2016

The Adventure Travel Film Festival, the celebration of the world’s greatest adventure travel films is on once again from 12-14 February 2016, in Victoria’s picturesque town of Bright. Promoting hardy travellers using cars, motorbikes or on foot, the festival seeks to inspire and motivate experienced and first time travellers to take on their own adventure. […]

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