Another Gift Ideas Special – Simpson Desert and Madigan Line


Gift Ideas Specials at Christmas

If you are planning a desert adventure, here are 2 more gift ideas specials and 2 very different routes across the Simpson Desert for you to compare. These 2 DVDs are on special for Christmas at $15 each or buy both and experience the best of Simpson Desert adventures for a total of $25 (regular price at $19.99 each). (Postage not included).

You will find more information about these DVDs and order one or the other, or both, at Simpson Desert: 50 years on 
and/or The Madigan Line: Crossing the Northern Simpson.

Simpson Desert

This video shows the well-known French Line crossing of the desert. Our convoy was first across in 2012, making this an unusual crossing with no tracks in the sand and lots of vegetation in the desert environment. Rain nearly caused the cancellation of this trip and some areas of the desert were water-logged. Fortunately the team managed to get all the vehicles safely across, in what was a very rewarding experience for all concerned.

2012 was also the 50 year anniversary of the first crossing of the Simpson Desert by motorized vehicles when Reg Sprigg and his family and 3 other vehicles conducted a geological survey in 1962.

Madigan Line

This track follows the route of Cecil Madigan’s 1939 expedition across the northern Simpson Desert. Not as busy as the French Line, this route shows a very different side of the Simpson Desert. From Mt Dare, the convoy travelled north to Old Andado, then headed east across the desert. After locating Madigan’s Campsite 1, the convoy followed the expedition’s route across and into Queensland and the Simpson Desert National Park, before crossing a dry Eyre Creek and turning south to Birdsville.


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