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Vistas to Valleys – High Country Adventures

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There are many great adventures to be found in Victoria’s High Country – 4 wheel driving, camping, bush walking and vistas from the heights to the valleys.

Four wheel drive travellers, families and adventurers can enjoy the High Country Victoria and this video shows a group of travellers from their meeting at Howitt Hut and follows their adventures. Tracks include the difficult Butcher Country Track, Billy Goat Bluff, Cynthia Range Track, Conway Track and the challenging Haunted Stream Track.

Mt Wellington and Dimmocks Lookout feature views, and huts include Millers Hut and Guys Hut. The Haunted Stream Track was in poor condition and provided many challenges of difficult and sometimes steep-sided entry and exit ramps, rutted sections of track, broken bridges and trees across the track, as well as crossing the creek 53 times.

But perhaps the most scary section of track travelled was the 2 wheel drive road from Little River Falls to McKillops Bridge across the Snowy River. Very narrow and steep-sided, it was a long way down into the gorge below.

This is an adventure of some favourite tracks and some new ones, all shown in this video, which also includes winching tips, useful driving techniques and mud maps showing our route, for the best High Country Victoria adventure.

‘We received the DVD and as usual it is up to your very high standards. We loved the route that you followed and thank you for the very clear route description and the constant mention of track names.  You have given us some ideas for our next visit to the High Country. Can I say that we really enjoyed watching you lot enjoy the trip!’
Ago & Tania Lume, Callala Bay, NSW

‘… always enjoy your DVDs – good to watch when I can’t get away myself.’
G Tindall, Belmont, NSW


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