Brown Davis Provides Super Service on their Long Range Fuel Tank

Since we travel to many of the most remote parts of Australia, we added a Brown Davis long range fuel tank to extend the range of our Patrol.

A view from the top of a sand duneThe long range fuel tank made travel down the 1700-kilometre Canning Stock Route much easier, as we no longer had to rely on carrying 80 litres of extra fuel in jerry cans. But after enduring kilometre after kilometre of corrugations on the Canning Stock Route, Anne Beadell Highway and the Gibb River and Kalumburu Roads of the Kimberley, the unthinkable happened – our Brown Davis long range fuel tank developed a leak.

Now Brown Davis probably would rather we didn’t mention that one of their tanks leaked, but when you travel our Australian outback tracks ‘stuff’ can happen.

Just recently we booked our GU Patrol into the Brown Davis Factory in Bayswater, Victoria, to have the tank replaced. After they spent at least half a day removing, repairing and refitting the tank, we were expecting a hefty invoice.

To our very pleasant surprise, there was no charge at all, with Brown Davis apologising for the inconvenience it had caused us. They obviously have pride in their workmanship and are willing to stand behind it.

Thank you Brown Davis – we have always used your after market tanks and we can highly recommend them.

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