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We are John and Anne Morton of Lifestyle Video Productions.

We have the pleasure of travelling on a 4X4 expedition every year which enables us to have the opportunity to create unique 4X4 videos to share our adventures with others.

We had travelled (with our three growing sons) on all the major highways of Australia when we purchased our first 4X4 vehicle in 1990. Suddenly a whole new world was opened up to us.

We were able to see more of Australia, revel in the beauty of landscapes from mountain top to desert plain, take in the vista of wildflowers in spring and enjoy the atmosphere around the campfire at night after a challenging day’s driving.

Our 4X4 Videos of Australia have grown into an award winning business venture. Not only do we sell our videos online but we have a distributor (4WD Travel Guides) promoting and selling our videos.

If you want to view the best treks in Australia to either travel yourself, or simply to enjoy the areas of Australia that you are not likely to see; then you simply must view these incredible videos.

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