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Desert Highways: the Len Beadell Roads

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An exploration of the network of roads through the central deserts of Australia  built by Len Beadell’s Gunbarrel Road Construction Party


An exploration of the network of Len Beadell’s roads through the central deserts of Australia  built by the Gunbarrel Road Construction Party

The Len Beadell roads are known to all four wheel drive travellers in Australia. From Woomera to the 80 mile beach, Len surveyed and built a network of roads opening up Central Australia for the travellers who followed. He is known as Australia’s last great explorer.

This video traces the journeys of 2 different convoys as they travel the Len Beadell roads. In Part 1 the convoy covers the northern roads starting with the Gunbarrel Highway at Giles. After a visit to the weather station at Giles, the convoy travelled the abandoned section of the Gunbarrel Highway, exploring this little used section of track. From the Heather Highway intersection the group joined the well-used and heavily-corrugated section of the Gunbarrel Highway before turning north at Everard Junction onto the Gary Highway.

Eventually the Gary Highway joins the Gary Junction Road, where the group turned eastwards. With the road in good condition, the group soon came to Kintore and the final of Len Beadell roads in this video – Sandy Blight Junction Road. This road features the most interesting scenery of the trek with the impressive views of Sir Frederick Range and the pretty Bungabiddy Rockhole shown here.

In Part 2 another convoy travels another of Len Beadell’s roads from Coober Pedy in South Australia to Laverton in Western Australia along the Anne Beadell Highway. This 1300 kilometre road traverses the Great Victoria Desert with only the roadhouse of Ilkurlka for supplies.

From Laverton, the group back tracked to Warburton before tackling the Connie Sue Highway south to Rawlinna. After a visit and tour at Maralinga, the bomb test site, the group completed their journey at Woomera.

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